Serpent's Skull in Eberron

Deep vaults and even deeper holes

My reputation as the Last Defender has grown. The humanoids that have flooded into Saventh-Yhi fear me. Most avoid me when they can, the rest tolerate me when they have to. I’m not sure of my traveling companions intentions, but I’m even less certain of everyone elses’. Therefore, I was thoroughly surprised when one of the tribes approached me about my shield. They asked me to accompany them deep in to the vault where I found it. They seemed very interested in my tales of the Azlanti empire’s time in this area. I was happy to share my many memories of those long gone days. They had me speak to someone named Chronicler and he wrote down everything I had to say. He seemed particularly interested in my listing of the emperors. I didn’t have the dates of rulership that he wanted, but he recorded the names all the same.

When we arrived in the Vault, the humanoids showed me a vast mural depicting the original Shield Bearers. They were using their Last Defenders to generate a magical barrier to protect the rest of the Azlanti army. It was an impressive display. I asked my shield what I should do, and it said “Protect them! Protect them all!” I was expecting it to say something else. This profoundly changed my attitude towards this tribe.

Returning to camp, I met up with my traveling companions. They had varied accounts of what they had been up to in my absence, but I’ve grown somewhat accustomed to their erratic behaviour. I pressed them to uphold their pledge to help me find the serpentfolk lair. They agreed and we left for the Government district to search for the second vault.

Upon arriving, we quickly determined that there was too much ground to cover, and no obvious sign of entry. I-Da-Dak transformed in to a Earth elemental and searched underground for the vault. He was able to find it, but was spooked by a monster and could not determine the entrance. He did however find an unlooted basement. Anxious to find relics of the past, I began to dig out the stairwell that led below. I-Da-Dak returned some hours later to assist me. Iyum Kreshton took the rest of the party to walk along the lakeshore.

After hours of digging, we were making some decent progress. However, Iyum Kreshton disrupted our efforts when he returned with news that he found a sewer. I didn’t find the presence of a sewer drain more interesting that an undisturbed cellar, so I continued digging. However, the rest of my travelmates countered that the serpentfolk could be in the sewer, so I relented, and left my digging for another day.

We entered the sewer pipe and found nothing out of the usual. It was muddy and overgrown with vines. There was a huge flytrap hidden(?) amongst the vines. It was an obvious ambush, but there might be undissolved metal bits that could be of interest to us. So, I strolled in, knowing that flytraps do not eat other plants and that the humanoids were too afraid. To my surprise, the flytrap lurched towards me and took a bite. Caught offguard, I thickened my bark to resist further damage. I looked to my allies for help, but they mostly moved away to keep themselves out of reach. To my surprise, Iyum Kreshton took this opportunity to pollinate me. He vigourously stroked his tool until a gooey liquid spurted out all over me. At first, I was confused, then I was flattered, but ultimately I was appreciative. It turns out, Iyum Kreshton’s pollen provided enough lubrication for me to slip out of the tight place I currently found myself in. This gave me all the edge I needed to bash the flytrap to pieces. Now, we must plumb the stinky depths of this exit only hole.


gdapkus MMM

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