Serpent's Skull in Eberron

Sar, the 21st of Vult
The group, still waiting on their, rowboat completed their inspection of the district to the South of camp. After exterminating a wandering Giant Jungle Mantis, they checked out on of the bridges to the central district, and found that a 30 foot section had dropped into the water. They decided that they’d need a boat to get across.

They found at the south end of the district a large plaza had sunk beneath the water. On the far side of the plaza a structure stood on an island near the cliff face. Agin they decided to wait for their rowboat. The rest of their day was uneventful and they returned to camp with the few places left to explore in the district all requiring a water crossing to reach.

The Quartermaster unable to provide them yet with a boat or the wand they had ordered, was able to get the wizard who was making their wand to agree to take a few minutes to identify the ring.

Ring of Seven Virtues
Aura moderate transmutation
This bronze band is covered in geometric shapes and studded with tiny pearls. The wearer of the ring gains a constant endure elements effect and a +5 competence bonus on Survival checks made in jungles. The Seven symbols are somehow in tune with the city and seem designed to act as a conduit or amplifier of some other magic.

Sul, the 22nd of Vult
After having the ring Identified, the party returned to the pyramid the next day to see if they would discover anything new with Kreshton wearing the ring. They noticed no change, but Kreshton noticed a pattern in the layout of the runes on the pyramid that made him certain that the spire must have some way of being activated, though how to activate it and what it might do were still unclear.
They then returned to camp to retrieve the rowboat. Declining any assistance from the camp, they dragged the boat to the small teardrop shape lake just south of camp. Wary of crocodiles hiding in the reeds on the island, they cautiously rowed over to the small island with a monument of some sort at its northern end, Kreshton’s expertise guiding Dadak and Leif in rowing their new boat. Warily they began to explore the island, and immediately they noticed a large number of bones piled amongst trampled reeds on island. Their caution was well warranted and Dadak’s sharp eyes sighted an extremely large crocodile just moments before it attacked.
Despite his wariness and keen eyes, the gargantuan crocodile was able to snatch Dadak in its mouth before he could get cover. Luckily by tranforming himself into a fire elemental he was able to force the crocodile to release him. The crocodile quickly switch to easier prey grabbing Dadak’s cat companion Kalia and preparing to swallow her whole. Only a heroic effort by Dadak, literally diving back into the mouth of the beast was Kalia’s life spared. Meanwhile, Kreshton and Leif had set themselves up to attack the crocodile from behind cover.

Kreshton began to harry the massive beast, rushing in and out of its reach before it could attack, and drawing back towards the monument. Then while dadak began to summon creatures to attack the crocodile’s flank, Keshton and Leif took turns striking at the crocodile while it battered at the stone columns protecting them from its wrath. Eventually the crocodile was able to knock down one of the columns and made to attack the now exposed Leif, but with much of its blood already spilled, its attempts were feeble and easily rebuffed by the well armored warrior, and then in moments it was defeated and lifeless.

The party once again returned to camp, but this time bearing the news that as long as researchers stayed clear of the two unexplored building, the Mercantile District was safe for exploration and prolonged study.

Camp Notes:

  • 2 Discoveries Made (3 Total):
    • The symbols on the ring are runes for what the Azlanti called the Seven Virtues:
      • Righteous Anger – the ability to stand up for oneself and others against wrongdoers
      • Wealth – the ability to provide for oneself and one’s family
      • Honest Pride – the ability to know when one does something well and value that work
      • Rest – the ability to put aside unimportant distractions and take time for quiet contemplation
      • Eager Striving – the ability to push oneself to ever higher acheivements
      • Abundance – the ability to appreciate when times are good and save for when times are bad
      • Fertility – the ability to grow healthy crops and large families
    • Each of the districts and spires is associated with one of these virtues. The mercantile district is associated with the virtue of Wealth
  • Wand of Identify should be available by the end of Sul-22


  • Somebody in camp has a cache of Maple syrup but isn’t sharing. Everybody else has to eat their biscuits dry.
  • A ranger from another faction tamed one of the pteradons from the bridge. The river crossing has now been cleared of all dangers.

Giant Jungle Mantis – 800XP
Sarcosuchus – 6400XP
Securing the Mercantile District for study – 9600XP

16800 XP/3 = 5600 XP each (Dadak, Kreshton, Leif)

Dadak – 54182/75000 XP
Level 8

Kreshton – 51059/75000 XP
Level 8
Leif – 51000/75000 XP
Level 8
Chydak – 35000/51000 XP
Level 7



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