Serpent's Skull in Eberron

Cool Side of My Pillow

I hate to complain, but…

Can’t a man get some sleep around here?

This day has gone on forever. We woke up early – at least too early for my liking – so that we could take this new guy Kasada Lewin wanted to saddle us with on a tour of Saventh-Yi. We showed him the “sights” but he didn’t really have any more insight about anything than the rest of us. Mostly is was prophesying about his god Iomede, but that’s alright, he was easy to tune out. He seemed really confident when we took him to the plaza where we found the recently dead serpentfolk, but once again the mystery eluded us. You’d think that a man of his advancing years would be resting his bones around a warm hearth rather than following us around this lost and hidden city, but I guess everyone needs to make a living!

I don’t recall whose suggestion it was to capture some Charau-kai to interrogate about the serpentfolk corpses we found on that large plaza, but we quickly came up with a plan, executed it well, and ended up with two monkeys to grill (figuratively). Turns out that the center isle of Saventh-Yi has some type of serpentfolk colony on it and they have been causing trouble with the apes. I could see the eagerness in Leif’s eyes as the news that live serpentfolk were to be found within a short walk from us; I do not know which he hates more, serpentfolk or monkeys.

I find a hatred for serpentfolk rising in myself that matches Leif’s. I’ve felt this since we first encountered one of their kind in Smuggler’s Shiv but over the last several months it has been growing within me. I wish I had paid a bit more attention about ancient history while I sat at my tutor’s knee – my parents certainly paid enough for him – that I would have some clearer idea of why they are back. An ancient civilization on the rise can only cause trouble. All I can brood over is that they would probably want to rule again. I fear for what that would entail. Khorvair already has a thriving civilization; there is no need to drag up something from the past to supplant it. I can only hope that our expedition’s backers in Eleder and Stormreach are spreading the word of what we have found here because if they have not, it is up to me and my companions to halt the serpentfolk’s advance.

Now, I hope to get some rest tonight. My pillow is just like I prefer. Leif is on patrol. Kailia is an excellent lookout. Dadak is sniffing about. Goland is resting his old bones somewhere nearby. The night may yet scare up some more of these easily defeated – hell, the Charau-kai seemed to be able to handle themselves – serpentfolk, but I’m not worried. They don’t seem so bad, more like vermin infesting the place.


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