Serpent's Skull in Eberron

Battle's Aftermath

Leif’s leafy bulk against the cellar door gives me the courage to close my eyes and finally get some sleep. I’ve been obsessed, I admit it, that Egsamora was trouble and I’ve only slept fitfully the last couple of days. In the end, I was right about her, but I doubt my companions will acknowledge it. That woman was up to no good; Goland’s mutilated body, held gently in Leif’s massive arms, is proof of it.

That Egsamora woman had begun her experiments on him and now I do not know WHAT he is or if he will recover. I do know that the poor creatures she used as guards may have been once people like myself, and I pity them. I even pity them for once having been vegipigmys and then turned to whatever monstrosity they ended up as. She twisted their bodies into gruesome half-animal, half-plant creatures. Their corpses now lay in a heap in a corner of this basement; perhaps we can burn them in a small ceremony later tomorrow. They remind me, somewhat, of Leif; walking plantlife. I have nothing against Leif, though, as he started life the way he is; he is proof of how wonderful and varied life is on Khorvaire.

In the meantime, I think it will be quite a while before Leif stirs again. The smell of his sap is strong in this confined room. It oozes from several wounds he took battling that sorceress. He has several spots on him that are blackened and charred from the lighting she through at him as he chased her around the small basement she used to entrap these denizens of Saventh-Yi. I’ve used a few charges of my wand on his bark and I can already see clean wood underneath as he slowly heals.

My body, not to mention my raiment, has been torn and rent as well. I’ve stopped the bleeding as well as I could (along with a charge or two from the wand for myself). My wounds are closing up fine but I expect that I will be pulling out slivers of wood from them for the next several days. Even if Leif hadn’t decided to take root where he is, I think it would have been prudent to hole up here. Once again, a foe has eluded us at the last moment with the aid of invisibility. I don’t blame them, their defeat was at hand, but it doesn’t stop from angering me. I can only hope that she has fled the city altogether and not found some other way to cause us trouble. Our camp now has another reason to stay vigilant every night. I may suggest moving the whole Shackles camp to this new location, but the keep we liberated for them is probably much more secure.

Once we get out of here, I would like to explore Egsamora’s mansion some. Perhaps she has some silk sheets and a proper bed I may be able to get move back to camp? With her retreat, I believe that this district is ours. My name will be displayed prominently in the history books as the discoverer and explorer of Saventh-Yi. My only worry is that Leif is once again in one of his 10,000 year slumbers. Dadak and I may have to chop our way through one of the walls to escape.

—From the log of Kreshton Rel’Astra


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