Serpent's Skull in Eberron

Azlanti Man, Burning Man, Disappearing Man

Saventh-Yi has changed since the last time I was here. The once colorful city has mostly turned to earth tones. There are no people here anymore. The Azlanti man I travel with (Iyum Qreshtonne) appears at a loss in the city. It’s almost like he’s never been in an Azlanti designed city before. He can’t even read the signs. Perhaps I was mistaken about him: he may be a Thassilonian spy… … …

We wandered the ruins nearest our camp. We found an old grain silo filled with rotted vegetation. It was delicious. My companions didn’t think so. To each there own.

After the silo, we returned to the silent pools to investigate them further. There was nothing of interest, except for a campground. It didn’t seem particularly interesting to me, but Iyum Qreshtonne wanted to examine it in-depth. It turns out, he was right, there was something interesting in the camp ground. An oddly dressed man sprung out from the tent and began yelling at Iyum Qreshtonne, as if they were previously acquainted. At first, I wasn’t too concerned but then the man started a fight. I stepped in to help as Iyum Qreshtonne ran away. A swarm of leif-cutter ants began to mill about me. I hate leif-cutter ants. They swarmed over my body and I ran from them. I suspect they are protecting their nest. As I turned the corner of a nearby ruin, I heard I-Daw-Daque yell for me to return. I ran back but found neither Iyum Qreshtonne, nor I-Daw-Daque at the campground. A man, wreathed in flames, was standing alone. I didn’t know this burning man, but he appeared to be fighting on the behalf of my companions. I rejoined the fight and caused the angry camper to disappear. I’m not sure how I did that… maybe it is a special power of the Commander’s morningstar.

With the fight over, I asked Iyum Qreshtonne how he knew the oddly dressed man. At first, he denied knowing the man, but then he said he was familiar with the man’s family. I think he said they were the Pathfinder clan. I’ve never heard of them… perhaps they are Thassilonian as well.


gdapkus MMM

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