Serpent's Skull in Eberron

Assault on the Raider Base (pt 1)

We debate our best approach into the enemy encampment. We are poorly equipped for a sudden strike, but I think we might be able to pull something off anyway. Because the enemy camp is unfortified, the druid could probably destroy the whole place single-handedly with a few castings of lightning storm. However, we decide that a surprise attack from the lightly defended thicket on the camp’s flank will be our best option. We strike out in the hot, rainy afternoon to try our best.

Travel through the thicket proves to be more precarious than previously assumed. The area is filled with irregular terrain, caused by the collapse or partial collapse of several buildings. We are repeatedly injured by rockfalls and cave-ins. However, we persevere and gather at the base of the low wall protecting this flank of the enemy base. Iyum Kreshton offers me a potion of invisibility so that I may vault over the wall and into the marshaling yard unnoticed. To avoid anyone hearing me, he will also cast silence on me. It’s an especially useful boon for me since I don’t cast any spells and have little need to speak. He intends to also make himself invisible so that he might join me in the battle. I’m excited for the battle. The use of tactics buoys my hopes for a successful outcome, even against these overwhelming odds. I wait the prescribed length of time, then leap over the wall. I charge forth to my first target, but stay my hand. Rather than swing wildly from a charge, I steady myself and setup my swings. Once the enemy realizes that the world has become suddenly silent, I am ready to rain down some devastating blows. I take out two guards by myself. The rest of the party plus a dinosaur, takes down another pair of guards. The alarm has been sounded, but we are up 4-0 and the sap pulsating through my xylem compels me to rush forward. There is only victory or death, and I intend to live forever.


gdapkus MMM

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