Serpent's Skull in Eberron

Alton Devers' Log 8

Brimming with enthusiasm

Zol the 3th of Nymm

The winds were with us the whole way from Aerenal, and we finally have reached a port ahead of schedule. Captain Kovack has of course taken this as a sign that he could load the ship down a bit more. Not only have we added our cargo from Darguun that was forwarded here, but a worn looking hobgoblin and Kreshton, a foppish bragart that pretends to be a sailor, have boarded the ship. The hobgoblin appantly had booked passage with our agent in Darguun, so we have had to fit him in. The other offered to hire on to the crew to get passage to Xen’Drik. The captain turned him down, but he must have offered the Captain something else, because he’s on board as a passenger now, though both of him and the hobgoblin are bunking down on the crew deck. Of course this means a couple of the crew are grumbling about having to move their bunks to cargo.

I almost feel sorry for the dandy though. The man speaks of nothing but adventure and how wonderful Xen’Drik is. He’s going to be woefully dissapointed when he faces the reality of Stormreach and it’s colonial government. The only people that they let head out on any real adventures are the large expiditions wealthy enough to grease the palms of the officials and pay their unreasonable tariffs on any artifacts brought back from inside Xen’Drik.

-From the Log of Alton Devers, First mate of the Jenivere


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