Serpent's Skull in Eberron

Alton Devers' Log 1

The Ship Sets Sail

Mol the 9th of Therendor 1002 YK

Well, we finally got out of Regalport this morning, almost a week behind schedule. Captain Kovack knows what he’s doing though, and he says he can make up the time. This is my 4th year on his ship and I trust him, but I really hope he doesn’t try to find the faster currents out in the Dragonreach again. It cost us 3 days of back tracking against the wind and currents when he overshot Krag the last time he did that.

This trip he’s promoted me to first mate. Jons, his previous first, signed on with a Windwrights ship. Sold his soul to the elves if you ask me. As first mate, I get the honour of taking care of this year crop of passengers, including a quiet Cyran woman who hasn’t come out of her cabin since she got on board, and a old scribe that was brought on board in shackles isn’t to be allowed out of his cabin until we get to Stormreach. The captain has asked me to take care of their needs during the trip.

-From the Log of Alton Devers, First mate of the Jenivere


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