Serpent's Skull in Eberron

A Curse, A Warning

Dadak's Tales

A Curse, A Warning
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Hack.. Smash.. Smash. Smmaaassshhhhh!!

Ahhh yes, this feels goood!. Hacking that vile winged wasp to pieces. Yeeesss, it is good to destroy abominations such as these. Even Pol stays behind until this abomination becomes a rotting wasted corpse, no longer a threat to natural……

“Pol….” Dadak’s fury is curiously spent, and he seems to be wavering as if in a light breeze.

“Pol…. Something is wrong…. with…”

Dadak’s face becomes expressionless and his eyes seem to dilate, unfocus, darken, and finally look far away.


The world begins to darken and slowly Pol fades from my sight. I become tired and weak and I don’t feel myself. I don’t feel… myself. I don’t feel… myself. I don’t feel… anything.

Slowly the world lightens again, but it is not lit… It is unlit. It is a world of shadow. Light is vague, bright, stabbing, a painful intrusion. Red-eyed demonic shadows flit about, grasping at my ankles, legs, body, and arms with sharp malicious claws. This world is evil, I feel it flowing all around me, coursing through my veins, beating in my heart. This world is evil, and it slowly permeates throughout my body and mind. I feel it beginning to take control. Though I fight with all my will, I sense it gradually becoming my master. And finally, it does.

Darkest of all in this world is the dagger of malice in my right hand. This is the one which slew my father. It is the blackest black, and malevolent evil emanates from it. I belong to it and know it has become my master.

Before me stands Pol, surrounded by a halo of bright light, goodness incarnate. He sees the danger and summons a weapon of luminous justice. A tower of iron will, a knight of purity and good stand before me. I have no control. Furiously I fight against myself as I lift my dagger and bring it to him. My arm is strong, it is deadly, and it wields an evil of purest blackness and malice. Brave Pol falls before it.

Kreshton responds to the noise and falls as well. I revolt at the joy that surges through my body as his warm blood pours down my arm. The blade inhales his lifeforce too, but is not sated just yet. N’Ketchi runs, but not far; and Ja’Redd’s look of surprise only seems to amuse it.


The shadows flit around in a frenzy. They know what is about to happen and they violently express their eagerness by swirling in a chaotic vortex. My arm finally lifts the dagger and makes a cutting motion in the air. Slowly a rip becomes to form. A scar in the air before me! Within it is pure and utter blackness. The dagger gleams darkness and continues slicing. Blackness shines from the gaping wound and evil radiates from it.


A vortex of dark energy whooshes and swirls about the room. The rip is not discernible though it is the center of the darkness. Small vile shadows come from it and join the vortex already created. Finally, a dark omnipowerful evil begins to radiate as well. I feel my body smile, though I cry out in fear.

With insane evil my body laughs at me at length. Finally it gloats with a hiss, “Son, I am still waiting for you.”


“… me.” Dadak’s face contorts in fear as his eyes suddenly return. He slumps to his knees. Pol doesn’t know what just happened and wavers between concern and caution.

“Pol”, Dadak says. “I think they know we are coming… and I think we haven’t much time. Let me tell you what I saw with my waking eyes. Perhpas I am going mad.”


gdapkus Chugabeer

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